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Cristin has faced massive hardships and obstacles in her own life and has come out as more than a survivor.  In taking on this world record, she is demonstrating to us all that nothing in our past or present need stand in the way of our future.


The only thing that can hold us back in life is ourselves.  Her urge to everyone she comes into contact with is that they have full permission to dream their own most outrageous, creative and exciting dreams and then through planning and application see these dreams realized.


In preparation for the world record cycle, Cristin is cycling all over South Africa and Africa doing talks and spreading the message of inspiration. 

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Helen Keller

Earth Adventurer

The World Record 

Cristin will be the first African person to take on this prestigious title where a minimum of 28,970 km is to be covered by bike in less than 124 days and 11 hours (current world record).  This amounts to over 250 km’s of cycling per day.  The start and finish point are to be the same and Cristin has chosen Paris.

Cristin is currently under the supervision of a Sports Scientist and is training hard, she will be building up intensity and mileage over the months leading up to this world-record-breaking challenge.  She is doing everything from her side to be mentally and physically prepared, but in order to get to the start – she needs partners to join her on this journey!

The current world record is held by Jenny Graham, who cycled around the world in 124 days and 11 hours. You can read more about the Guinness World Record in this link.

Chosen Charity

Because Cristin is passionate about education and believes that it is a key to seeing the eradication of poverty, she has chosen to raise funds and awareness for an NPO doing just this, namely; African Angel’s.


You can find more information about African Angel's by clicking on this link.

We're all on an epic quest.

You. Me. All of us. Truth is, if we could see the distance each of us has already covered, the hardships we've weathered, the climbs we've conquered, the downhills that have both thrilled and threatened us, the dangers we've averted, the traps that have held us for a time before we eventually broke free to continue our quest as we saw it...we would stand in awe of each other. 


For me the biggest struggles have been with depression and poverty - for you, they may have been something else...but IF we could see the hero and the overcomer in every person we encounter, I believe we'll live in a constant state of awe.

Rich. Poor. Powerful. Married. Single. Abused. Successful. Abandoned. Popular. Strong. Weak. Separated. Young. Old. Black. White. Regardless of the labels we wear...we need to discover the overcomer in ourselves, no matter where we are in life. If we did, we would realise the universal truth: we are all PerfectByDesign™.


To demonstrate and pay honour to the immensity of the inner journey you, me and all of us have travelled in some way, I, with YOUR help, am taking on the epic quest of setting a new Guinness World Record by cycling around the world in less than a hundred and twenty-four days…

I am Cristin Flynn, Earth Adventurer, and the time is NOW.

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