Celebrate Yourself!

As a child on Valentine's Day I would make dozens of little heart cards for the lonely and rejected kids (and teachers) at school. I'm not sure if your school did this, but at both our high and primary schools we would all hand in our love cards and gifts and the teacher would come around later in the day and distribute these to the class. After observing this tradition for a year or two I could no longer bear the pain of rejection that I personally felt when I didn't receive anything or worse; the look on many of the other children's faces. Particularly the boys seemed to handle this very badly. I could feel their pain and it hurt. So I started writing love letters. Anonymous of course. To the kid with 6 fingers on each hand (yes 6) and to the kid with warts. To the kid who smelt like urine often and to the kid who was even more hyperactive and disruptive than me in class. This ritual lasted for years. Although the act of giving brought great joy to me, I still couldn't help walking away from the days events feeling deflated. I wasn't a popular kid. I was a weirdo and because I've always been an "old soul" I didn't really want friends my age if I was honest. Valentine's day for me highlighted my loneliness and frustration around being misunderstood and I believed at the time that without a romantic relationship my life was incomplete. I've since learned that life can be amazing as a single woman and that there is tremendous value in simply loving and accepting myself. Whether you are single or not, remember today that you are loved, you are complete - equipped with all the resources that you need to live an awesome and significant life and you are perfect!

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