My top list of boredom-busting activities

Why do people keep using that horrible swear word; "I'm bored!" During this time of lock-down, we are faced with the most fantastic opportunity of our lives right now!

Regardless of how we came upon this space in time... It's here and it won't always be. If there is one thing life has taught us, it's that change is 100% guaranteed.

If you're bored, I can give you plenty to do... I won't even charge you to help me with my to-do's! Alternatively, my own looong list of awesome things-to-do are as follows, here are my top few:

1. Learn a new skill or language.

2. Download apps that train your brain - you can increase your IQ... It's been scientifically proven.

3. Write a letter to an inmate or an old person who doesn't have a family - maybe you have more compassion for them now?

4. Connect with every family member and make sure that they are okay - even if you don't like them.

5. Learn new hobbies. Try everything you can, you don't know if you like it or not until you do.

6. Make online friends.

7. Write letters to people and tell them how much you appreciate them - post it to their door instead of email!

8. Make videos with you reading and acting for your kids or grandchildren who don't live with you.

9. Start writing a book - even if it's just for your immediate family. Store it in the Cloud and let your executor know where it is. Die empty and ready. So many adults die bitter deaths and live broken lives because they don't understand how much they were loved by their own parents.

By you expressing your truth and telling your story for your children and/or loved ones it has the potential to cause so much joy and it is an opportunity to pass on so much wisdom - analyze what you learned from mistakes and triumphs. They will cherish you for this more than a material legacy. This exercise will help you too. Just do it, really. Every single life is worth documenting.

10. And on that note is your will up-to-date? I'm not kidding. Only today... right now is guaranteed for any of us. I heard the sad story of someone drowning in their own pool during shut down. We think we're bulletproof, but billions before us have proven else-wise.

11. Study someone else's ideology and try to put yourself in their shoes. I freaking love this exercise.

12. Please tell me you have a vision for your life and goals? If not... Now is a darn good time to get that going.

13. Puzzles board games and word games baby!!

14. Do I even have to list this - Exercise!

15. Stock up your freezer with healthy homemade meals that you can use when you go back to "normal life" - it will help you integrate easier if you have a little less on your plate (yes pun intended). It's going to be a bit disorientating getting back into the swing of things. So if you are one of those people who cook every day, it might be nice to have that seen to for your first week or two back in the wild.

Preserving and fermenting food is also cool and maybe now is the time for baking rusks and (okay go ahead...) some treats. I'd, of course, say vegan everything - but that's just me. I don't cook. My diet is raw.

16. Breathing techniques... This is a must-have skill to be a human. If you don't know a few breathing techniques - learn them. We should be teaching this to our 2-year-olds. I did.

17. Meditation. Headspace is a wonderful introduction and it's not at all "new-agey" - for those who are scared that a snake might climb into their tummy or something equally sinister.

18. Read the top 10 bestselling books

19. Read the classics

20. Learn to read. I'm serious. So many people say they don't like it. It's a skill and you need to build it into your life and acquire a certain level of "fitness" before you enjoy it.

21. Garden - even if you just plant vertically in a small indoor space.

22. Learn to be totally okay with some time where you do absolutely nothing. It is amazing how much creativity pours out of a space of calm and rest.

How vast are the wonders of our universe? That's how long this list call a family meeting - even if that's just you and brainstorm your own fantastic ideas and create an extraordinary reality where boredom never, ever features again.

And share your ideas with me, I'd love to hear them!

Let's fight the war on boredom.

We can't do anything about COVID except doing, well.... Nothing.

But - we can do plenty about us and we deserve, no we owe it to ourselves and to the generations that will come after us to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

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