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Updated: Mar 4

I live a lot and I live big.

My learning is both academic and experimental. Experimental, I have found, can get messy and takes me out of my comfort zone - often. This is where I chose to be, because this is where I grow the most.

For this reason I frequently find myself in interesting situations that I would not experience if I chose to stay in one place and live an "ordinary" life.

My current adventure finds me surrounded by some of Cape Town's hottest addresses. With a view of the Soccer World Cup Stadium, the V&A Waterfront and a vast array of beautiful lights as far as the eye can see.

Where am I located: on the roof of one.

I went out with a friend and forgot my key at home, came back late and am unable to get in. Too late to check-in somewhere - I did try, so I decided to make the best of the roof-top address until morning. It was here or risk being discovered sleeping on the stairs or in the garage by a horrified apartment owner who most likely would think that my predicament was on account of over-consumption. For the sake of self preservation I chose the roof 🤣😂

Seeing that it's a little cold and I didn't consume enough alcohol to make it less so, I decided it best I crack on with work and do some story-telling. Fortunately, I was smart enough to travel with a very good power bank so I recon I'll have enough battery to last till the am.

Something that I often think of is the idiom; "Curiosity killed the cat...". Do you know that, that is not the whole saying? It's actually; "Curiosity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought it back."

I love that; sure stepping out and being curious, adventurous if you will, can land you into some questionable predicaments, but the cat doesn't really die and neither will you! In the end the spirit of adventure wins!

The fear of death is the only real problem in this idiom and we love to quote this and other such sayings to justify why we don't or won't step out of our comfort zones and really live.

I was tired of sleeping through my one and only life and so I decided to change. The wonderful thing about being human and not plant is that we all have the freedom to move, to explore, to experiment, to be curious and to change at will and design a life that satisfies us.

I believe that it is Grant Cardone who says (something like); "you're either helping someone else chase their dreams or you're chasing your own."

So step out of your comfort zone, be curious and follow your own dreams...

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