What a journey...

Updated: Mar 4

...and it all started with a decision in November last year!

Tonight I arrived in Cape Town and I can't help but feel that something very special is about to happen. I am so grateful for the road that brought me here! How many people can say that from the 26th of December 2019 - till now they've cycled from EL to Hogs to Alice to Bedford to Kenton-on--Sea to EL to Cathcart to Hogs to EL to Queenstown to Aliwal to Bloemfontein to Viljoenskroon to Jbg to Standerton to Newcastle to Margate then from EL to PE to George to Swellendam and finally Cape Town. I've made memories that will last me a lifetime. I've slept in mansions and shacks. I've laughed and I've cried. I've loved spending hours chatting on the phone with friends and my children while I ride - especially the really early morning chats before school have been so wonderful. I've listened to 14 new books. I've formed new friendships that will last a lifetime. I've learned so much about myself and continue to do so daily. I'm learning new skills everyday. I can now change a tyre in less than 5 minutes - I timed myself. I was on national TV and have done a bunch of radio and newspaper interviews. I've started speaking to groups again and writing more than ever before. I don't have enough money to get to Germany yet, but I will keep on keeping on because I believe it is my responsibility to finish what I started. People think that I am rich and that is how I can do what I'm doing, actually I left EL on the 26th with almost no money and everything that I do have has been going to my kids. I have some crazy ideas about the world and I know they might offend, because they challenge status quo. One thing I really believe is that life is meant to be lived. I've faced my own mortality many times and I know very well that there is no guarantee concerning tomorrow. So often we delay living and I'm not saying financial freedom isn't a great and smart goal, but I tried that and lost everything and was forced to start over again and again. I believe that it might just be possible to live a crazy wonderful happy content life while building wisely - because delayed gratification sometimes means wasting decades of our one and only life. I spent 20+ years building my businesses so that "one day" I could live. I now realize that I should have been living my life to the full all along. I'm more creative and energetic and fired up for business and life than ever before. I read an amazing article about positivity the other day, we literally cannot create or succeed in life unless we are at a cellular level in a positive state. I think in part, that is what this journey is about for me. Getting into my most positive state and creating a beautiful life from that place. The world needs fully-alive, happy, creative, fulfilled people. As someone who was so mentally ill that they were offered mental disability I have walked a road with depression and I believe now more than ever that the opposite of depression isn't mental health it's expression... Living our own legend. Knowing "thyself" as Aristotle says and then taking the giant leap of faith and building a life around that desire - That thing that is deep in each of our hearts. De-sire (Latin) - means; of the father (God!?).

Journal Entry on 12/02/2020 21:09 pm

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